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Economy Minister: High taxes do not affect competitiveness of Greece’s businesses

High taxes do not adversely affect the competitiveness of the Greek economy and business. This was claimed by Greek Economy and Development Minister, Dimitris Papadimitriou, at the 10 CEO Summit in Athens.

Papadimitriou’s claim had one immediate effect: to turn the CEOs and executives of large companies attending the summit into speechless stones.

The minister, an economist by profession, called on business executives to build
a model of responsible entrepreneurship, without intermingling and corruption.

At the same event, President of Association of Greek Industrialists, Theodoros Fessas, estimated that the year 2017 will be a difficult year for the Greek economy, with businesses closing down, loss of work places and market disortions that lead to nowhere.

All speakers stressed that in this difficult period for the economy, enterprises will only survive if executives and leadership work together for their sustainability.

On the island of Chios, retailers and other professional groups returned their cash registers to the tax office demanding the scrapping of upcoming higher taxes rates on the islands.

Οι Χιώτες κατέθεσαν τις... ταμειακές τους στην εφορία [pics, vid]

They probably have missed Papadimitriou’s statement, that their competitiveness has nothing to do with the high taxes.

*Dimitris Papadimitriou was professor at the Bard College and president of the Levy Economics Institute, both US-based. He has been minister in SYRIZA-ANEL government since November 2016.

PS What does a US-academic do in a left-wing/nationalist government? He distributes candies to the natives and economy recipes found in the box of morning cereals.

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  1. You know what? Serving the 4th Reich and its bankers is enough to make one forget the existence and principles of macroeconomic theory. Unless our dear Dimitris is already in a medical state of dementia. In any case, it doesn’t matter; Wolfie is the economy minister of Greece, not this wretched fellow.