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IMD Competitiveness report 2017: Greece ranks 57th among 63 countries

How can Greece be competitive when the taxation system changes once a year, liquidity is a rarity, capital controls tie the hands of entrepreneurs and investors and the tedious negotiations with international creditors undermines the atmosphere in the Greek economy? The answer is simple: it can’t. In the Swiss-based International …

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Wise Men proposal: Minimum wage for employees below 25 to be €434 gross, ie €364 net

The so-called Wise Men Commission suggested to Greek Labor Minister Giorgos Katrougalos to lower the minimum wage for young employees below 25 years old to merely 434 euro gross per month which is €364 net. According to the Wise Men’s findings, the minimum wage for this category of employees should …

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Dismantling Greece and fed it to profit-hungry corporations

The Eurozone’s masks have fallen. Hardly anyone has anymore the illusion that the 3. bailout aims to facilitate Greece to pay back its debts and that it therefore needs  more austerity or “reforms” as they are euphemistically been called. On one hand the 3. bailout brings additional cuts in health …

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Value Added Tax on fire: Crazy hikes in food & tourism

More than 40,000 food items are been sold with a poisonous 10% Value Added Tax hike as of today and expect to burden the average Greek household with at least 55 euro per month.Beef, coffee, tea, cocoa, spices, sugar, oils – except olive oil, ice-creams, chocolates, but also condoms and …

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WEF report: Greece shows marginal improvement in competitiveness

Greece is improving. In terms of competitiveness, not in terms of a living standard in dignity. According to World Economic Forum annual report, Greece demonstrates “marginal improvement in competitiveness” (that’s usual low wages), while “financial access, bureaucracy and corruption remain serious problems”. I suppose the neo-liberal technocrats of WEF did …

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IMF Thomsen: competitiveness not enough, small businesses limit growth opportunities, no tax reductions

Don’t get fooled by the IMF review officially admitting grave mistakes in the application of austerity program in Greece> Nothing will change in the fiscal adjustment program demanding the last euro drop even from the poor: the review urges the Greek government to stick to the implementation of the ‘wrong …

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