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Dismantling Greece and fed it to profit-hungry corporations

The Eurozone’s masks have fallen. Hardly anyone has anymore the illusion that the 3. bailout aims to facilitate Greece to pay back its debts and that it therefore needs  more austerity or “reforms” as they are euphemistically been called. On one hand the 3. bailout brings additional cuts in health care and public services, will have civil servants pay out of their own pockets their travel expenses, direct and indirect taxes are imposed on whatever breaths, walks, swims and crawls or stands at supermarket shelves, the sale-off of sand, mountains and state property and crucial (?) ‘structural reforms’ like the structure of bread dough or milk expiration date. On the other hand, so-called “Competition boosting measures” (OECD toolkit) will liberate and deregulate the Greek market will trample on workers, farmers and small businesses and so open wide the gates for the big corporations to enter Greece.

“Greece is about to be completely dismantled and fed to profit-hungry corporations,” write Nick Dearden in UK’s Independent adding that “The latest bailout has nothing to do with debt, but an experiment in capitalism so extreme that no other EU state would even dare try it.”

Some excerpts:

“By taking [Europe’s] those leaders at their word, we’re missing what’s really going on in Europe. In a nutshell, Greece is up for sale, and its workers, farmers and small businesses will have to be cleared out of the way.

Under the eye-watering privatisation programme, Greece is expected to hand over its €50 billion of its “valuable state assets”:  Airports, seaports, energy systems, land and property – everything must go. Sell your assets, their contrived argument goes, and you’ll be able to repay your debt. But selling off profitable or potentially profitable assets leaves a country less able to repay its debts. Unsurprisingly the most profitable assets are going under the hammer first.

Side-by-side with the privatisation is a very broad programme of deregulation which declares war on workers, farmers and small businesses. Greece’s many laws that protect small business such as pharmacies, bakeries, and bookshops from competition with supermarkets and big businesses are to be swept away. Incredibly, Greece is even being told to make its Sunday opening laws more liberal than Germany’s. Truly a free market experiment is being put into place.

On labour, pensions are to suffer rapid cuts, minimum wages are to be reduced and collective bargaining is to be severely curtailed while it is to become easier to sack staff. All of this is far more extreme that many of Greece’s “creditor” countries have implemented themselves.

Of course, reforms in some areas of Greece’s economy might be a good idea […]. But what is being imposed by the lending institutions is not a series of sensible “reforms”, but the establishment and micromanagement of radical ‘free market’ economics.

The privatisation and deregulation bonanza opens vast new swathes of Greek society to areas where big business has never been able to set foot before. The hope is that this will generate big profits to keep big business growing, as well as providing an extreme model of what might be possible throughout Europe.” (full article Independent)

Too bad that at the end of the bailout day, there will be no Greeks around to buy their products and if any, they will have not money to do so… But, the cynical Europeans do not care about the Greeks. Slaves in their own country or cheap labor – migrants in central and north Europe, that’s it. Eurozone leaders bring collective hypocrisy and extreme neo-liberalism into a new level. That’s all.

PS After the Greek experiment, I will not wonder about UK’s EU-Referendum voting results.

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  1. René Henri Pasche

    excellent analysis and comment that make me very sad. Politically you might see in these “reforms” a punishment and humilation of the Tsipras Government and of his actual and potential electors that must be demoralized. The counter-revolution is prepairing the terrain! “It cannot be worse than with ND, Passok etc., so lets try with Tsipras” that was what brought him to power. “There is no difference between the old and new parties, I am fed up with politics” that is what “they” want for the next election and their victory.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      yes, they want To Potami to lead Greece’s next government lol

      • René Henri Pasche

        You mean “Meander” (i.e. follow a winding course, flowing slowly and gently – from Brussels to Athens – across Germany)

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      But if more than 50% boycott the elections the whole shit will explode, one could now bet on in which countries politicians will seek asylum

  2. All it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.

  3. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    After clearing from the islands normal people the new German hotels will need many German speakers.
    The airports friends of Greece should not use any more are: Mykonos, Chania, Rhodos, Santorini, Corfu, Saloniki, Kos

    • costa sakellariou

      if that is true, then let’s just sell mykonos and rhodos at least…

      they should be good for some tens of billions, no?

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        Better sell’em some of the islands Turkey claims were not mentioned in the treaties of 1922 and when the proud owners need some water-connection the “WHAT” out of Ankara will be very loud; “continental shelves” can result in long water pipelines.
        Anyway the rumour goes that some islands close to the German hotels in Turkey still have discount in VAT and this makes perfect sense for building a mega Ballermann-Mallorca Greek Disneyland with own ferries, airlines and place for rich pensioners plus their slaves. But I guess this will get a sweet paradise for dynamite fishing, just imagine the scandal: Tourists running amok at the beaches and the coast-guards doing nuthing about it

        • René Henri Pasche

          Dynamite fishing? What a barbaric method to kill innocent fish! I thought it was the Turkish way to make a fine catch easily.

          • When I first lived in Athens, doing my economic research, in 1988, I was rather struck by a significant number of teenage boys begging in Omonoia underground who were missing a hand. I asked around, if anyone could explain it: the answer was that island fishermen used their sons to throw dynamite from the boat into the water, to catch fish. Eventually, the pre-teen kids would make a mistake and lose a hand:-( At that point, they would be packed off to Athens to make a living by begging.

            To be honest, I was really shocked. This was third world, in every sense. When people are attacking Greece for its economic management, they are speaking out of ignorance and lack of respect — for how far Greece has come since 1988.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            There was a report on regarding statistics that 85% of the fish were destroyed in 2011 in Sfakia, around Amorgos and south-east of Naxos.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            What? To let them die screaming as the net breaks their bones or just let them breath to death is not barbaric? If humans die after 3 minutes without oxygen that would compare even the latter is torture for hours if not days.

  4. Amazing. An anti-capitalist manifesto in the pages of Indepengent.

  5. costa sakellariou

    if people allow this to happen in the name of some delusional return to the ‘euro normalcy’ of the greek olympics years, then they will just have to live with the consequences…

    these stories are quickly sapping my energies…but what keeps me going is that i am fairly certain that the whole thing will in the end blow up and fail miserably…
    but how much will the situation be the next time around…

    what a disappointmet syriza and tsipras are!

  6. Even those of us in the UK who have always been very pro-EU are now completely distraught at the anti-democratic and abusive policies that have been promoted — primarily by Germany. There is little doubt that most Brits now want to quit the EU, since there is already quite enough neoliberal abuse and low wage income here without suffering Greek-style abuses.

    Of course, the best thing that can happen for ordinary people is that the eurozone collapses. This will impact heavily in the short run on everyone, but will actually damage the rich the most. This is a large part of the explanation for protecting banks and the integrity of the eurozone — where power lies in the EU. It lies with wealthy individuals, and powerful countries. It does not lie in democratic processes or with the peoples of Europe.

    The German politicians are proxying the interests of financial and commercial capital; they have succeeded in duping their own population, much as happened in the not-too-distant past. They have not succeeded in fooling the population of the UK.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      People in Europe must get informed that the “regional” airports-deal means 15 billion profit for FRAPORT (which is ACHTUNG: a state-run company with the federal state of Hessen being the main-owner), 15 billion that Greece will loose, Greece gets therefore 30 million annual the next 40 years for perfect renovated and updated airports, updated with Greek and European taxpayers money.
      16,50 Euro fee per flight and 20 million passengers at the moment, no plans for cheapos also, means average Greeks are not allowed to travel with air-planes and every Herrentourist will believe he’s saving Greece then looking for Currywurst in Greece

  7. The British government, by its own admission
    They confessed to having lost over 260 drones in one year.
    Money flushed down the toilet.
    Australias PM Tony Abbot is said to have purchased DRONES from the US
    Man what a tough guy this is.
    Meanwhile back at the ranch the Australian Airforce is in desperate need of replenishing & upgrade.
    It an enemy came we would surrender immediately – what else could we do under the circumstances.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Racist “Australia” needs the drones desperately to control real Australians in their ghettos and concentration camps, so Abort’s European occupation can exploit a whole continent

  8. Although in general I agree with the post, after reading all these comments (not only on this one, but also for some time)… I am wondering if there is any of those passionate commenters who are supporting that open fight between Greece and EU (like Giaourti, Xenos, António Ferrão etc) who are really really living in Greece?! Or they are just cheering for this fight between David and Goliath from the safe distance believing in some comunist manifestos that fair world can be born after this crucial fight (that someone else should fight… greeks in Greece) and that all can enjoy it ever after?!

    I agree, the bigest loser of “eurozone collapse” would be Germany for sure… but in my opinion the biggest beneficiary of “eurozone collapse” would be exactly UK.
    And regarding this neoliberal abuse (on which I totally agree also) and “proxying the interests of financial and commercial capital”, I would say that USA and UK are leading at that “run” (what I understand you are professional so no need for further explanations, I think you have to agree on this)

    So it is not the point of only Germany being the main villain, but the whole world’s system today that is “proxying the interests of financial and commercial capital” and Greece cannnot change that (by its own) or runaway from it, because simply there is no place in this world to hide from this “system” today, except in fairytale (or North Korea)

    • m&m:want me to tell you if I really live in Greece? The answer is no, I live in Portugal. Regarding your point if there is a safe distance between Greece and Portugal. I m afraid I cannot share your opinion. I cannot see such big distance today, nor at the time when Europe eas living very happilly suporting two dictatorship in both our countries. I m not expecting any improvement in the living conditions in Portugal that os not a result of fights in Portugal: your assumption misses completelly the target. Dont understand so freelly my acceptance of the invitation to Keep Talking Greece, please.

  9. The point of my previous post was… we have to be realistic about what are real possibilities of action and what are the real consequences of those actions and then act accordingly… so pure realism, not some wishful thinking and fairytales.
    And yes, I know… reality seems to be pretty grim (ask Tsipras if you don’t believe me, because he was exactly like all of you just few months ago… and then he faced that cruel reality)

    • René Henri Pasche

      I agree with you on most points. Concerning the fight between David and Goliath it seems to me that too many of our commentators cannot or do not want to see the real weight of the German economy in Europe and in the world. They forget two things: a) Germany has 80 mio inhabitants, if you add Austria and Switzerland you have 100 million German speaking people in Europe. b) After the end of the cold war Germany’s geo-strategic position in the heart of Europe became preponderant. You may add c) the Nazis deep conviction, expressed many times until the last day, that Germany is the strongest nation in Europe and that therefore Europe would always need Germany.

      • This is why the UK will exit the EU and maintain strong links with the USA. Europe has been f**ked yet again by the Germans — and which stupid countries allowed it? Why, the very same ones that were originally conquered by the Nazis! (that is, not the UK).

      • Now I’m really confused. How “seeing the real weight of German economy in Europe and in the World” implies the destruction of independant countries? I’m sure you does not meant that, even accepting that German productivity os 26 times Higher tban chinese one.

  10. Where you ser realism I see underestimation of the power of the financial institutions to break all dreams of Economic democracy. For sure USA and the UK are engaged in destroying the euro but the solution for this currency. I I have slready stated, lies in a credible allisnce of Germsny backed by the remsinning countries of Europe to be freed from post-WW2 capitulation agreements. The first condition os not antagonizing other members, not trying colonial solutions indide Europe.

  11. I am no expert but the article is BS.
    Germany and Schlaube wanted Greece out of the eurozone. No more loans. How come the evil europeans wanted the capitalist enslavement of Greece if Germany wanted to end the loan vicious cycle ? The one who pushed more for the new bailout and austerity was french president Hollande , a socialist by the way . So the new loans, the new austerity program as nothing to do with a capitalist european conspiracy.., but has more to do with a political vision . On one hand Hollande , the french believe that Greece must stay in the EU at all costs. On the other the Germans dont want an haircut of loans. The result : More loans. Besides the privatization.., was a IMF recipe that was applied in argentina and other countries. So its not just an european recipe. On the other hand as Tsipras recognized if Greece leave the EU austerity would be even worse. The article just perpetuates what people want to hear : Evil Capitalists,evil europeans.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      No matter if Euro, Dollar or Drachma the bloodsuckers dictate the level of sell-out they want. If they have one friend for sucking who owns a huge “bakery”-chain they take care to amuse him for a weekend on his yacht and kill all bakeries, the same goes for airports, for pill-dealers, for everything: One frat scumbags’fun against hundreds of thousands wrecked in social genocide.
      If they want austerity why don’t they take all the suicides and hospital-victims? That’s cuts/reforms enough!
      Austria: “We would take Trainose, how much will you pay us?”
      Problems with hospitals because 7000 doctors escaped and the authorities are too stupid to draft doctors from Syria? No problem we need them for our pensioners to let them vote until they are 120 years old! BTW: For them it’s too hot in Greece, we will build some ice-halls and party the Greek Icehockey League, what’s your problem in 20 years Greece will be worldchamp in hockey

    • René Henri Pasche

      Oh these acronyms! Poor Beate Schmitz that cannot use any longer her handmade monogram on her shirts and bed clothes. BTW (you see I try to adabt myself to the new manners as good as I can in my old days) there are many people that are not against capitalism or capitalists as such IMV, but are more critical when capitalism becomes imperialism i.e. when the State becomes the obedient servant of the big national or international industries as in the arms-trade or of the big banks now etc.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        What, capitalism without imperialism? The main problem is that the big majorities in these national organised “democracies” function like imperialist overpopulation as they all live on pillaged resources and most of them are in compliance with the system. They vote them and tell them: I “need” a new cell-phone, not every 20 years but every 20 months, so go kill the Congolese for its coltan, I need a new car, go kill all Indians in Brazil because you need steel to build it and at least that’s also the reason cars love ISIS as they provide cheap fuel.
        That f.i. Germoney didn’t participated in the 3rd gulf-war had nothing to do with that 80% of the Germans were peace loving hippies but that “their” oil came from Libya, GB and Norway, not from Kuwait.

        • René Henri Pasche

          You are free to think that capitalism, imperialisme, democraties, economical systems and other things you dislike are the root of all the evil in this world. But how can its population of more than 7 billions survive without them? On the trees of the jungle studying anarchism and reading Karl Marx, Engels and Lenin?

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            What, wait for the murderers to help? They die of it everyday, it has only to be destroyed, reading books is not necessary for to do that and any jungle is already destroyed by the European master race.
            Just hold a worldwide referendum about cars and their destructive impact 75% of this 7 billion will vote against cars as their life gets destroyed by them day by day and the selfish, decadent and ignorant minorities using them. There’s a reason statistics about refugees never show the real numbers, as counting starts only when leaving country, just look into Bangladesh and Pakistan how many millions had to flee their homes at the coasts, at rivers aso.
            They only can survive if they build nukes and destroy the First World or force it down to a sustainable level; it’s not normal to get fed by farmers that make up to only 0.4% of the population.

          • “75% of this 7 billion will vote against cars as their life gets destroyed by them day by day”

            You live in a dream world. 95% of the people not having a car want one. And the ones who dont, like me, dont want one because they can have mobility without it.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            For me you sound more like this kind of people that mean themselves and their First World when they talk about the “world” or “the human”. If that would really be the case then it’s time to let all the poor people have their cars and take’em away from the rich, time to suffer for the rich European masses and shift their luxury they enjoyed long enough and the best they always believe they have a right to because of their “hard work”, most of happens in front of a screen and/or wouldn’t be possible without exploitation of the world proletariat and their resources.

          • For you Ill always sound like the enemy, no matter what I say.
            Ive traveled 3rd world countries and yes they want cars and mobility and cellphones. They mostly got cellphones by now though, huge improvement on their lives.
            The world/economy you imagine to be requires the disappearance of 4/5 of the worlds population because without cars ships and planes, cellphones and computers …. there is no way to supply 7 billion people on this planet.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Sure you are, just like everybody who makes holidays in 3rd World countries and justifies these crimes with utterly bullshit lies, to know what the world wants needs a lot of travel as it’s just impossible but typical arrogance of Eurocentric overpopulation who know just everything. You must be god, but also a bit not so smart as gods don’t need to travel.

          • It would do no harm if people did indeed study a bit of Marx, Engels and Lenin. It would at least show them how an alternative to the capitalist system was abused to do the exact same as the capitalist system i.e. serve the few at the expense of the many. It would thus also provide material for a debate on how to avoid such abuse in the future… As for the other “isms”, I don’t think anytbody in their right mind looking at modern day EU can honestly stand up and defend capitalism for what is is and does. Capitalism is nothing short of fascism hidden under a very thin (and ever thinning!) layer of democracy. Imperialism is simply a system of organised theft of resources belonging to others, to serve the myth of growth. Democracy is non existant and will remain so as long a the electorate does not stand up and take its responsibility of holding their elected respresentatives to long-term account for everything they do. Until that happens, it is nothing but a sick, not-so-comical farce. Economic systems need to change so that their driver becomes need rather than greed, or in polite terms, profit. After all that is sorted, we can start the debate on fairness and sustainability of systems, resources and politics. Until then, we live, and remain living in indeed a jungle, with or without Marx, Engels and Lenin.

          • René Henri Pasche

            I can subscribe to your opinion as far as democracy is concerned. But I would not call it fascist as long as it enables the people to get rid of the ruling few they do not like (and put them in jail if they are criminals.) Concerning capitalim I think that no reasonable person, not even in the US, wants to go back to the 19th Century Manchester liberalism, Unfortunatly the Social Market Economy (soziale Marktwirtschaft) that has successfully followed in many industrialized countries is confronted today with many problems: the huge budget defficits, monopols and trusts that corrupt the market and profit from the weakness of the States etc. You are right to stress that the human needs should be the driver of the economic -and financel – system. When Human beings are here to serve the industry and the industry to serve the banks then something is wrong.

          • I never said democracy was facist. Let me rephrase what I did, and do, think: Capitalism is facism without the pretence of democracy. And democracy remains a joke as long as the ELECTORATE don’t take it seriously and exercise their responibily instead of abdicating it and blindly trusting every con-man who comes along and tells them what they want to hear without constantly holding that con-man to account. Politics has evolved from the art of governing to the art of lying, and sadly, the current Greek governemnt is no exception to this, despite their promises and “re lines”…
            As for returning to the earlier forms of liberalism, indeed not. But what is the difference between that and the current neo-liberal onslaught on society?
            As far as I am concerned, the only sustainable economic system is the one where we ensure that
            1 – the system ensures that nobody falls between the cracks but all are provided with their basic needs while nobody can claim excessive benefits, material or financial
            2 – the system takes our environment and resources into account and ensures a “steady state” rather than organised rape of the planet and its resources.

            That does however require not just the removal of the ruling class, but a MAJOR shift in mindset by society as a whole away from profit/consumption driven economy to a need driven economy. Removing the poisons of consumption and profit to create such a “steady state” economy equally so requires taking responsibility, both as individuals and as a species…

          • René Henri Pasche

            You cleared away my doubts. That is how things should be and I agree. Thanks for your excellent “position paper”.

    • That’s not the case of being evil. That’s not even the case of personal qualities. I’m convinced there are politicians in Germany that would prefer not to exhibit such cruelty. It’s rather a matter of “champ de msnouvre” exausted inside the borders of the system. This system has already become incompatible with democracy (except as a farse if it), so one cannot avoud to make choices anymore). I know it will take time.