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Lenders press Greece to sell 40% of PPC lignite units and energy producing plants

Greek Interior Minister – an Energy minister in first SYRIZA government – Panos Skourletis accused on Monday international lenders of reneging on a 2015 bailout deal by trying to force a fire-sale of its main electricity utility Public Power Corporation (PPC/DEH) to serve “domestic and foreign business interests.” Later, a …

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Regling: Greece may need less than originally planned ESM funds

As the government in Athens used only €32 billion from the €86 billion prepared by the European Stability Mechanism, with less than half the program until the end it is clear the final figure will be smaller than the maximum, said Klaus Regling, the facility’s managing director. German daily Bild quoted him …

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Schaeuble pleasurably chews his bitter-sweet Grexit candy

In fact, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble agrees with the International Monetary Fund in one thing: they both doubt about the success of the 3. bailout program. However, as Schaeuble can never agree on the Greek debt relief proposed by the IMF, he chews again on this little bitter-sweet candy …

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Creditors’ 3. bailout ‘success’: Greece slides back to recession

It’s fact. The third bailout signed between the SYRIZA-ANEL government and creditors did and could not help Greece’s economic situation at all. It was just an enforced new loan with more additional austerity measures like the odious Value Added Tax hike that tightened the noose around the neck of million …

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Dismantling Greece and fed it to profit-hungry corporations

The Eurozone’s masks have fallen. Hardly anyone has anymore the illusion that the 3. bailout aims to facilitate Greece to pay back its debts and that it therefore needs  more austerity or “reforms” as they are euphemistically been called. On one hand the 3. bailout brings additional cuts in health …

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Talks on “3. bailout for Greece”: fact or just rumors?

Are Euro Zone partners planning a third bailout package for Greece? There was a lot of talk about it last week in German media. But nothing specific, nothing official. Just leaks to the press by ‘sources’, claiming that Greece would need another “rescue” package worth “at least €20 billion.” On …

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