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IMF’s Lagarde found guilty of Negligence in Tapie corruption scandal

Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, was found guilty on Monday of criminal charges linked to the misuse of public funds during her time as France’s finance minister, a verdict that could force her out of her post.

Ms. Lagarde, who began her second five-year term at the I.M.F. in February, will not face any jail time, the judge said. The scandal has overshadowed her work at the fund, to which she was appointed in 2011, after Dominique Strauss-Kahn resigned as managing director when he was accused of having sexually assaulted a maid in a New York City hotel.

The move is likely to destabilize the I.M.F. as it faces a host of thorny issues, including questions over its participation in a multibillion-dollar bailout for Greece and uncertainty about the United States’ role in the organization once Donald J. Trump becomes president in January.

The verdict was a surprise, after the prosecutor in the trial said last week that the case against her was “very weak” and did not appear to be enough to win a conviction. It is a theme prosecutors have previously repeated.

The trial revived concerns in France about high-level corruption, shining a spotlight on intimate ties between politicians and business people, and on the large sums that are sometimes used to grease the country’s political wheels.

The case against Ms. Lagarde centered on Bernard Tapie, a former entertainer and owner of Adidas who had previously been jailed on corruption charges. Mr. Tapie accused the lender Crédit Lyonnais, in which the French state had a stake at the time, of cheating him when it oversaw the sale of his share in the sportswear empire in 1993. Years of costly legal battles ensued.

In 2007, Ms. Lagarde sent the dispute to a three-person private arbitration authority that awarded Mr. Tapie more than 400 million euros, or $420 million at current exchange rates, in damages and interest, to be paid by the state.

Her critics said that decision was politically tainted, and she was charged with negligence for allowing the arbitration and for then declining to appeal the panel’s verdict.

The trial against Ms. Lagarde was just one facet of the scandal — many people associated with it are under investigation, for accusations as varied as embezzlement and organized fraud. (full story NewYorkTimes)

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  1. Blah, blah, blah… I foresee nothing much happening to her. We’ll be told she was given a “stern warning” and she promised to be more vigilant in the future. And so it goes with the two-speed justice system we now have. One justice for grandpa selling chestnuts illegally on the street (off with his head!); another for the global elite that plunder the public goods and abuse the public trust relentlessly.

    • an accurate forecast. Also, don’t forget that the court which heard the case was not composed of only judges: according to news sources it as a majority of politicians on it. Therefore, there is one part of the justice system for ordinary people and another for politicians. It’s all a coverup without being a coverup…

  2. The lady is a fundamental pillar of the New Order and the demolition machine employed by the 4th Reich and its allies. “Elections cannot be allowed to change anything”; same holds for courts and silly judges.

    • What New Order are you referring to ..
      The Incontinent Geriatric Oligarch Society Who Plan To Take Over the World in between visits to the public toilets for an incontinence nappy change.
      “Excusez-moi monsieur et madames mais je doisaller”
      These people have one foot on a banana skin & one in the grave .. any day now man.

      • It says that she is 61 years old ..
        I am born on the 1 / 1 / 1951 .. she is at least 10 years older than me.