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Residents in Kymi dig burrows in 3m snow to get supplies (Video)

For fifth consecutive day residents of Kymi and surrounding areas remain snowed in. The bad weather front stroke especially the island of Euboea in central Greece, very close to the mainland.

Water, electricity and telephone networks collapsed, houses and vehicles have been buried under the snow that reaches a height of up to 3 meters.

Having to live without water, residents melt snow and boil it to drink, cook and even take a bath.

One of the snowed in residents described the dramatic situation they face.

Speaking to ANT1, local of Kymi, L. Mykoniatis showed via Skype how they had to dig a burrow in order to get out of their home and try to get some supplies like food.

Mykoniatis told ANT1 that they have been snowed in together with some relatives for a couple of days and that they melt snow in order to cover several daily needs including bathing.

“Electricity returned, but the main problem is the water outage,” he said. Showing pictures of their snowed in reality he described how the snow covered the main entrance of the house. “We started to dig yesterday, and it was very very difficult. We managed to open a path at the side of the house and be able to walk outside,” he stressed.

Mykoniatis seems to be kind of lucky.

In the village of Metoxi, residents complained to local media, that they have been snowed in for five days without water, electricity and even gasoline for the small generator.

An ERT reporter said on Wednesday, people often walk on the roofs of cars covered with snow instead on the streets.

Worse is the situation for those in need of medical care. 

The Fire Brigades help transport people to local units for kidney dialysis, injured to the hospitals and free snowed in residents.

The Greek Navy sent a helicopter to rescue snowed in residents in need of medical care.

Two people were transferred to a hospital in Athens.

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Kymi is a coastal town and a former municipality (7,112 inhabitants in 2011) in the central east of island of Euboea.

As the weather agency forecasts south winds and rainfalls, now the residents are afraid of possible floods as the snow will start to melt.

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