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Explosive device found under vehicle of elderly German couple on holiday

An improvised explosive device was found under the holiday caravan belonging to a couple of elderly German tourists on holiday in Northern Greece.

The found was made by the 70-year-old man on Thursday morning. The couple had parked the caravan in Platanos Motorway Service Station on Egnatia highway, near Kleidi of Imathia in Northern Greece.

The found was made when the man went to check on of the vehicles tires that was broken. He reportedly saw a suspicious device attacked under the vehicle.

He informed the police.

Special teams arrived in the area and removed the device after taking all security measures. The man’s suspicion that it was a improvised explosive device.

The mechanism was stuck on the rear left axle of the vehicle and under the bodywork. The device was taken to forensic laboratories of Greek police for investigation.

In a statement to police, the vehicle owner said that together with his 64-year-old wife were on vacations in Greece. He said that they arrived in in Greece the previous day coming from FYROM. They drove towards Sithonia in Chalkidiki, they decided to travel back to Thesprotia. On their way there, they parked at Platanos, where they spent the night. 

According to local media, Forensic investigation showed that the mechanism was a device that could be activated by remote control. An explosion would have a devastating impact should the trailer be on board of a ferry, Emvolos notes.

Anti-terror police of Thessaloniki investigates the issue.

A truly peculiar incident.

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