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Extreme Weather: Stormy winds up to 8 Beaufort mainland and the islands (maps)

Heat wave goes, stormy winds coming from the North. Sharp temperature drop.

A tiny breeze started to blow from South/South-West around 4 0′ clock in the afternoon, Sunday . It was not exactly “cooling” but it did have a small effect and gave hope that the suffocating  heat wave of the last days was indeed over. As meteorologists predicted. Of course, the cement was still mirroring back the heat of the day, but temperature in my south-west balcony did not go over 38 degrees Celsius – whereas it reached 42.5 C on Friday and 41.5 C on Saturday. A welcomed change.

Not to mention the “tropical nights” where temperature was up to 38-39 C.

Highest Temperatures recorded on Sunday, 2. July 2017

  • Elefsina 44.2C
  • Argos 44.1C
  • Kalamata 43.8C
  • Paranesti/Drama 43.7C
  • Agioi Theodoroi/Corinth 43.7C
  • Theologos/Fthiodita 43.6C
  • Moires/Herakleio/Crete 43.5C
  • Korydallos/Athens 43.5C

The ‘torture’ is set to be over, at least for the next days. However, meteorologists forecast unstable weather with local rainfalls and rainstorms and stormy winds up up to 7 Beaufort and locally above 8 Beaufort.

Weather forecast Monday – temperatures

Strong air masses coming from Northwest are pushing the warm air masses to the East. Significant temperature drop is expected as of Sunday afternoon and temperature is forecast to fall by 10 degrees Celsius as of Monday, July 3rd.

The Extreme Weather phenomena will continue though in the next days with strong winds locally up to more than 8 Beaufort

Greece’s National Meteorology Service (EMY) forecasts rainfalls and local rainstorms in East Macedonia and Thrace.

General forecast: Winds in the open sea up to 7 Beaufort

Gusty Winds – Detailed Maps by the Greek National Observatory

July 3/2017 03:00 am

July 3/2017 09:00 am

July 3/2017 09:00 pm

July 4/2017 03:00 am

July 4/2017  03:00 pm


Athens Weather Forecast

There is a warning for stormy winds in the next 24 hours – (see above)

Temperature will gradually start to rise again as of Friday,  July 7, and reach 35 C on Saturday in Athens.

Strong winds increase the risk of wildfires. See what you can to to avoid the risk and what to do if you spot a wildfire, while in Greece, here.

PS It is 100% confirmed: the weather has gone nuts! In my village we call it Climate Change.

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