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Missing refugee boy, 7, found dead near camp in Skaramagas, west Athens

The body of missing 7-year-old refugee boy Nuryian Mohammed was found in the sea area of Skaramagas near the refugee camp where he was staying together with his family.

The boy was reported missing by his father at the police station of Chaidari Municipality at 9 o’ clock Friday morning. The body was found twelve hours later.

The child appeared to have gone missing ‘mysteriously’ around 1:00 -1:30 a.m. Friday morning ( 21. July 2017). His parents and other refugees searched for him all night. The father went to police station after search brought no results.

The family are Syrian refugees.

Police launched an investigation and search, an Amber Alert was issued.

Athens News Agency reports that first examination showed no signs of violence or injuries. The death is suspected to have been caused by drowning.

An autopsy that will be conducted on Saturday will determine the real causes of the child’s death.

According to media, all options remain open due to the mysterious circumstances the boy disappeared from the camp.

⇒⇒⇒ Saturday morning, Greek authorities arrested the boy’s parents

As the body was found in the sea area, police but also the Greek Coast Guard deal with the case.

Skaramagas is a port town in the western part of broader Athens and Piraeus. It is known for its shipyard and naval base.

A refugee accommodation was set up in the area after the Refugee Crisis broke up in Greece.

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