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Corfu: Local authorities let body of drowned woman floating in the sea for hours

An unbelievably tragicomic incident although  it is in fact just tragic. A woman was drowned in Glyfada area on the island of Corfu in the Ionian Sea. Neither the Port authorities nor the police not even the ambulance appeared at the scene and let the corpse floating in the sea for several hours. When finally employees of a funeral office came, they transferred the body on one of the many sunbeds at the beach.

The surreal incident was denounced by an eyewitness to a news website.

The body was discovered short after 2 o’ clock on Thursday noon. “The body was found near the rocks, it was floating, somebody seemed unconscious,” the witness said.

Swimmers and sunbathers informed the police and the coast guard.

Two members of the coast guard reportedly came three hours later and told the crowd that a coast guard boat would be deployed in order to retrieve the body.

However, nobody came. For two more hours, the corpse was floating in the sea. A life guard from a nearby hotel was watching over that the macabre fund would remain in the area and not be swept away by the waves and the currents.

“For two hours, the life guard was in the swallow waters next to the corpse. He was looking at it. We were looking at it,” the witness said.

Ultimately, workers of a funeral parlor came at the beach with a big black plastic bag at 7:30 pm. However, they had no stretcher with them.

So they put the corpse on a lounger and loaded it on a transport van.

No police, no coast guard, no coroner, no ambulance. – Exclusive story by

Apparently, all those responsible for such a case thought it was just another drowned swimmer, one of the many this summer.

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One comment

  1. The timings of this incident are inaccurate.
    My husband, myself and my two children discovered the body of the woman whist snorkelling at around 5pm.
    My husband then swam back to glyfada beach and informed the life guard at Grand Louis hotel.
    He then swam out to the body to confirm what we had seen. Naturally he didn’t want to drag a dead body onto a public beach so waited for the local coastguard .
    The body was in a position near the rocks where it wasn’t going to float away.
    From your article I gather the coastguard didn’t appear which is pretty poor.
    However the body cannot have been left floating for hours if it was retrieved by 7.30pm.
    This was just a tragic incident – not tragicomic?
    It’s sad that nothing was reported about who the poor person was who lost their life.
    Your article seemed lacking in humanity.
    A life was lost.