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Prank in a bar in Chania leaves tourist unconscious (video)

A group of  five brainless men decided to go for a prank against a tourist. It is a miracle that the tasteless trick did not have a tragic ending.

A video from the security camera in a bar in Almyrida in Chania on the island of Crete, shows a group of men drinking at the counter-top. A little in the back, there  is a man sitting  at a table. He looks as if he were fallen asleep.

Two of the guys approach the table and pull the chair away.

The tourist fells on the floor, hits his head and remains on the floor.

The guys congratulate each other, burst into laughter. One of them is filming the incident.

Meanwhile, the tourist remains unconscious on the floor, other customers try to help him. “He was unconscious for ten minutes, a doctor managed to revive him,” local media reports.

The group of brainless thugs got in a dispute with the bar owner  and ultimately left the bar.

According to, the tourists’ parents are considering to file a law suit against all those involved in the incident.

The incident took place on 26. August 2017.

Neither the tourist’s nationality nor the one of the thugs have become public.

PS my article could have the title : Jerks in action

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