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Flooded basements and streets as powerful rainstorm strikes Thessaloniki

Houses and shops were flooded and motorists were trapped in their vehicles when the rainstorm turned streets into rivers. The west part of Thessaloniki was badly hit by the storm on Wednesday evening, a storm that kept on striking until the early morning hours of Thursday.

The fire brigades received more than 120 calls to pump water from flooded basements. In four cases, they intervened to rescue motorists trapped in the waters.

For several hours, traffic was impossible in the areas of Evosmos, Kordelio and Dendropotamos.

The station of bus service KTEL was flooded as well, while the station for urban buses was turned into a lake..

Άνοιξαν οι ουρανοί στην Θεσσαλονίκη - Πλημμύρισαν τα ΚΤΕΛ (ΦΩΤΟ + VIDEO)

In some areas the power was cut.

Meteorologists forecast rainfalls in the city also on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the island of Samothraki tries to recover from the powerful storm that hit on Monday night, with schools to remain closed in some areas, due to damages in the road network.

Η Σαμοθράκη μετρά τις πληγές της - Σε απόγνωση οι κάτοικοι

Dozens of households and businesses have suffered damages and so did tourist facilities and infrastructure.

Δημοσχάκης: Η θεομηνία γονάτισε τις επιχειρήσεις στη Σαμοθράκη

Army and fire brigades continue efforts to remove tones of mud from the capital of the island.

Σαμοθράκη: Συγκλονιστικό βίντεο με το εσωτερικό του δημαρχείου να είναι βομβαρδισμένο τοπίο

Damages in the City Hall via

Works are under way to restore the traffic network that has been damaged ‘cutting’ the island into two.

One of the main problems is the water supply as the infrastructure was damaged. On Wednesday, local authorities warned residents to refrain from using drinking water and wait for the latest lab results about the water quality.

the storm caused also damages on the island of Thassos, however, they were limited and did not disturb the life of locals and tourists.

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