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Astonishing sounds from Ancient Greece performed by choir (video)

Do you want to know how ancient Greek music sounded like? Astonishing sounds from ancient Greece! Music of Athenaeus (127 BC) and Euripides (408 BC) from surviving scores, reconstructed and performed by choir and aulos on a 15-minute film!

The video below give an insight approach to music and poetry in Ancient Greece and interesting music bites.

First choral performance with aulos of ancient scores of Athenaeus Paean (127 BC) and Euripides Orestes chorus (408 BC), with explanation by Armand D’Angour.

Armand D’ Angour is an Oxford Classics tutor and author of the book “The Greeks and the New.”

D’ Angour is a British classical scholar and classical musician, Associate Professor of Classics at Oxford University and Fellow and Tutor in Classics at Jesus College, Oxford. His research embraces a wide range of areas across ancient Greek culture, and has resulted in publications that contribute to scholarship on ancient Greek music and metre, the Greek alphabet, innovation in ancient Greece, and Latin and Greek lyric poetry.

He has written poetry in ancient Greek and Latin, and was commissioned to compose odes in ancient Greek for the 2004 and 2012 Olympic Games (the latter commissioned by Mayor of London Boris Johnson).

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