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Varoufakis to run in Greece’s next parliamentary elections

Former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis revealed that he will run in the next parliamentary elections in Greece. Speaking to private ANT1 TV magazine Kalimera Ellada, Varoufakis said that his pan-European party Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM25) will held a conference in Greece in order to prepare for the new party which is still looking into a name.

He said also that DiEM25 will run in the European Parliament elections in May 2019 “with candidates from Poland, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France and Italy.”

He explained that the candidates will belong to national political parties and then he revealed his plans for Greece. Varoufakis will lead the Greek DiEM25 party.

The former SYRIZA finance Minister did not omit to attack prime minister Alexis Tsipras for one more time and said that he does not do any politics for the time being. “All what Tsipras does is to execute directives coming per email from Brussels,” Varoufakis said about his former comrade.

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  1. Pass the sick bag.

  2. He is right. Just keep playing the EU game dictated from Brussels if you want another 50 years of austerity. Good luck with that. Fortunately the EU will collapse long before that, thanks to Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and now Austria. They are the only countries in Europe whose leaders have a brain. And the UK should also not give in to pressure from Brussels. There is NOTHING for which it is worth giving up your national sovereignty!