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Leftist unions try to storm the Parliament, clash with police over new Strike Law (videos)

Dozens of left-wing unions and leftist party Antarsya tried to storm the Parliament  to protest the new strike law on Friday. The angry crowd climbed up the stairs behind the Monument of the Unknown Soldier opposite of Syntagma Square in downtown Athens.

Initially riot police squads build a human shield and tried to hinder the protesters. The two sides clashed with each other.

In the end, riot police fired tear gas to disperse the crowd.

The incident occurred after the union of communist party KKE, PAME, had concluded a protest march through Athens.

Unions are furious at the government for a new labor law that limits the right to strike through new procedures. The law comes into effect and will be voted by the left-wing-nationalist coalition SYRIZA-ANEL on Jan 15th after pressure by Greece’s lenders.

One policeman was injured during the clashes, unknown attackers beat and injured a reporter covering the protest.

Some protesters tried to set a power unit on fire.

Workers at public transport means in Athens laid down work and so did seamen. Public hospitals were operating with emergency personnel.

More strikes are called for next Monday, when government lawmakers will be voting in favor of the omnibus bill that contains 50 prior actions incl. the strike law


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