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FYROM NGOs claim Greece committed “genocide against Macedonian minority”

FYROM NGO are claiming that Greece has committed human rights violations, crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide” against its Macedonian minority since 1913.

In a joint statement of several FYROM NGOs that oppose negotiations on Macedonia name issue  to Turkey’s state Anadolu News Agency , “slammed Greece and global organizations over the decades-old dispute between Athens and Skopje over the former Yugoslav republic’s name.

The statement — issued by their joint branch office in Geneva — said the “Macedonian” people can no longer bear the intolerable burden of injustice inflicted upon them by Greece, the United Nations, the European Union and NATO through the ongoing “talks” on the name of their country, which began in 1993.

“What started out as a discussion to “settle” a supposed difference has become 25 years later an attempt to commit a genocide on the Macedonian people – to erase them, their country, their language and their history from the books and maps of the world,” they said.

The Diaspora FYROMians NGOs said they are shockingly being forced by the European Union and NATO to negotiate their name, their ethnic and national identity, their language and their history as a pre-condition for membership in these international and regional organizations.

“This is the first time in the history of mankind that such internationally orchestrated pressure is being exerted on an entire people to self-destruct — pressure inflicted by the nations and organizations that were supposed to be the gatekeepers of human rights in the 21st century,” the statement said.


The NGOs claimed that the name issue is the Greek government’s invention and is merely the continuation and internationalization of its century-old domestic policy of denial of the ethnic identity of its Macedonian minority.

They called for the establishment of an “independent commission of inquiry to look into the human rights violations as well as crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide committed against the Macedonian minority in Greece since 1913.”

it must be the same brainless Fyromians who claimed in a protest in Melbourne, Australia last Sunday, that “Greeks are Christian Turks!”

PS Were FYROM and its supporter Turkey aware of history, they would have known that FYROM was under Ottoman occupation until the Balkan Wars (1912-1913) and what is nowadays is called FYROM came under Serbian rule in 1912, came under Bulgarian rule in 1915 and ultimately were delivered to the Kingdom of Serbia after the First World War (1014-1918).

On this occasion, Ankara could finally recognize the Armenian Genocide….

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