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Ryanair protests rate hikes at 14 Greek airports managed by Fraport

Ryanair’s displeasure with looming rate hikes at 14 regional airports managed by a Fraport-led consortium came this week from official lips, with the low-cost airliner’s chief commercial officer, David O’Brien, complaining that the hikes impede growth in Greece’s air travel sector, especially during off-season months.

Higher rates at the 14 regional airports around Greece are reportedly expected as of April 1, 2018.

Among others, O’Brien claimed that a 90-euro fee charged for the presence of a fire engine during a plane’s refueling, and when the boarding of passengers is taking place simultaneously, does not exist anywhere else except Greece.

Low-cost carriers, he said, regularly board passengers when refueling.

In terms of Ryanair’s flight schedule to and from Greece for 2018, he said 13 new routes have been added, while more flights are planned on five routes.

Ryanair’s target for 2018 is 5.7 million passengers, an increase of roughly 14 percent from 2017. naftemboriki


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