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Varoufakis says he will run for Prime Minister in Greece’s next elections (video)

Former finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said he targets the office of the prime minister at the next elections in Greece. In an interview with TRT World, Varoufakis said he will run for prime minister in the country’s next general elections.

TRT World’s Imran Garda spoke to the anti-austerity campaigner at length about his new political party and what’s behind his intentions to run.

“You know it sounds like a nightmare to become the prime minister of Greece. But then again, it’s a dirty job somebody has to do it. I wish I didn’t have to do it … I wish I could support Tsipras … support anyone who could do what is right by this country. At some time, you have to put your money where your mouth is,” Varoufakis said.


via trtworld

Theoretically, every party leader taking part in the general elections is also running for the office of the Greek Prime Minister.

Practically, a party has to received two-digit percentage in the voters’ preference.

Varoufakis party MeRA25 was officially launched in Greece last month. However, it is still not included in public opinion polls.

Greece’s general elections are expected to take place in autumn 2019, unless one day Tsipras will decide otherwise.


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  1. ah, another even sneakier slipperier snake than tsipras!
    don’t forget that varoufakis has been very clearly on the side of the globalists in brussels.. when he had a chance to do something, anything, to weaken their monopoly on power, the only thing he could come up with, aside from a bunch of blustery talk and zero action, was to propose even further ‘integration’ of the EU… translation, totally enslaving the country and all the people in it to the global bankers and their nomenklatura in brussels.
    beware of this one! he is a backup plan for the globalists if their golden boy mitsotaki fails to take the election!
    theyve already gotten everything they wanted out of their current servant tsipra and they know the people are sick of him.. one more round of the game of false alternatives and one more round of the conversion of a free nation into slaves! don’t give it to them!

  2. Gee, lucky Greece as George Soros & co double down with their latest stunt: it worked in Paris with Varoufakis’ buddy Emmanuel ‘Rothschild’ Macron, – let’s see if it works here. Let’s see how many dumb Greeks there are who didn’t get it the first time round with this Quisling.

  3. On the other hand the EU / Globos are shoring up Tsipras i.e. Novartis, Skripal, Turkish declarations….. he’s given them more than the rest, he’s reliable and cheap. What do they care – Mitso, Tsipras, Varoufakis – they are all the same. The PM no longer rules (EU – Washington does) and parliament is only kept on as a facade of ‘Democracy’.