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Serbian FM Dacic sings to Greek counterpart Kotzias (video)

Diplomacy is more than sit around a table, exchange nice sentences and trade A for B and D for C. Hosting a dinner for his Greek counterpart on a visit to Belgrade, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic grabbed the microphone and sang a Greek song to Nikos Kotzias … in perfect Greek.

Dacic sang “Mi mou thymonis matia moy!” – Don’t get angry at me, my eyes -. The Greek foreign minister was so pleased that he joined Dacic.

The Serbian foreign minister meant he had to sing the song until the last word and in the end he also threw and broke a plate in total Greek Style.


By the way, it is not the first time, Dacic honors a guest with a song. Last year he sang a Turkish song to Erdogan.

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