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Greek police arrests 13 Greeks, one Albanian on “terror funding” charges

In a large scale operation, the counter-terror department of the Greek police has arrested 14 people on charges of funding a terror organization and money laundering. The operation was launched in the early morning hours of Tuesday in Attica and in regions outside the Greek capital, although exact locations have not revealed so far. The arrested are 13 Greeks and one Albanian national.

Arrests warrants have been issued against the eleven men and three women, after investigation showed that they were making deposits to a bank account used by a person who was recently arrested for having sent a parcel bomb to former prime minister Lucas Papademos last year.

Police and media describe the issue as “cracking the revolutionary fund.”

According to preliminary media information, the money was most possibly coming from robberies.

The bank account was established in the name of a person other than the one arrested who was withdrawing money from this account.

“The account was opened in August 2017 and the documents given to the bank were fake,” media report.

This sounds a bit weird as banks demands several personal and other documents like utility bills in order to open an account which has become extremely difficult after the capital controls in summer 2015.

According to state broadcaster ERT, the deposits varied from €50 to €200, the account had 4,000 euros.

Police investigates whether the money came from bank robberies. While it does not exclude the possibility that the money came from donations.

Police is reportedly seeking more persons involved in the case as “the 14 were acting upon order by others.”

Police investigation reportedly “began on October 28th after the arrest of 29-year-old Constantinos Giatzoglou.”

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