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“Macedonia means Greece”: Rallies held in several cities over name dispute (videos)

Thousands of Greeks filled the squares in 24 cities and towns mainly in the North of the country in order to protest the term “Macedonia” be included in an agreement with FYROM. From Drama to Ioannina and from Pella to Chania, protesters waved Greek flags, banners and religious symbols, and chanted “Macedonia means Greece” and “Hands off Macedonia.”

Families with children, elderly, local officials, organizations and clubs, low- and high ranking officials from the Greek Orthodox Church but also young men wearing t-shirt with the logo of  extreme-right Golden Dawn

Video: Rally in Kastoria, estimated 2,000 protesters.

Video: rally in Kozani

Video: Macedonia rally on the island of Kos

The protests were peaceful, except in Chania, on the island of Crete. A group of anti-authoritarians attempted to disturb the rally. They opened banners with internationalist content and chanted slogans against the rally.

Protesters and anti-authoritarians were about to clash with each other, when police intervened and fired tear gas.

One policeman was injured in the head, two  troublemakers were detained.

According to flashnews, the policeman was attacked when he tried to remove a bag with batons from the hands of an anti-protester.

There is no official figure by police about the number of participants in the local rallies. No rallies were held in the country’s capital, Athens, and the second biggest city, Thessaloniki.

Video: Protesters dance traditional dances at the end of the rally in Pella.

Τhe rallies were organized by the “Campaign Committee for the Greekness of Macedonia”

Now another organization which is called “Commission for the Protection of the Rights of Vlach-speaking Greeks Living in Skopje and for the Defense of Greekness of Macedonia” said on Wednesday, they organize a Macedonia rally at Syntagma Square in Athens on July 8.


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  1. All this Macedonia name BS is to distract the people from the real problems. Go curso FYROM and that will get your pension or your job back, pay your tuition, raise your salary and lower taxes.