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Thousands Greeks protest Labor Law on general Strike Day

In one of the largest strikes in recent years, thousands of Greeks joined the protest rallies and sent a strong message against the neo-liberal labor law that abolishes basic rights for workers such as paid overtime work and 8-hour work. Athens – Massive demo from communist groups against the labor …

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Labor rallies on May 1 postponed for after lockdown lifting, says gov’t spokesman

Unions in Greece are already planning alternative actions to labor rallies on May 1 due to the lockdown measures. The government has decided to postpone the labor rallies and events on a later date, however, yet, it is not clear whether the lockdown-fatigued Greeks will comply with the government decision. …

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“We don’t accept behaviors violating international laws,” says Greece on Russian diplomats

“We don’t accept behaviors that violate the international law,” government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said on Wednesday confirming in fact media reports that Greece plans to expel two Russian diplomats and ban entrance to Greece for another two. So far no official statement has been issued by the Greek Foreign Ministry …

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FYROM issues travel warning over Macedonia rallies in Greece

The Foreign Ministry of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has issued a travel warning over the Macedonia rallies in several Greek cities. FYROM is urging its citizens planning to travel to Greece on June 6th 2018, to avoid the cities where the rallies will be held “because they could …

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Greeks celebrate 1. May with protest rallies, roasted lamb or at the beach

Thousands of Greeks joined the Workers’ May Day and marched through the streets of Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki and other cities and towns across Greece. The workers’ union of communist party KKE, PAME, opened the traditional strike protests with central slogan against imperialism and “Red May Day.” Communists against Imperialism with …

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November in Greece: strikes, protest rallies, work stoppages schedule

The fronts are clear: workers oppose austerity, creditors enforce it, government implements it. The consequence is also clear: strikes, protest rallies, work stoppages. Trouble. Protesters’ mobilization started today, Monday, with teachers, students and parents taking to the streets to demonstrate about the situation in the Education. Secondary education teachers were …

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