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Greek Education Ministry bans mobile phones in schools

Greece’s Education Ministry bans mobile phones in primary and secondary education schools and the operation of security cameras during school working hours. According to a circular issued by Education Minister, Kostas, Gavroglou, teachers will be allow to carry mobile phones only for teaching purposes.

The ministry prohibits the use of mobile phones and electronic devices by students during school hours, especially devices that allow them to process image and sound..

The use of private mobile phones by teachers is conditional only to teaching purposes and always within the framework and rules for the protection of personal data. teachers will be allowed to use devices like pcs, laptops, tablets, interactive boards provided by the school.

Security cameras will be filming only during off school hours.

The use of cameras in schools is forbidden as well as the posting of videos that include images of students.

The circular also forbids the posting of pictures and videos with students in schools. The processing and therefore the posting and storage in digital media of material from commemorative pictures and videos from school life is allowed only with the consent of the students’ parents and assigned guardians.

Posting of students’ images on schools websites are to be avoided.

However, there is the possibility to allow security cameras to operate when schools are closed for surveillance purposes in case of break-ins and damages.

As the schools have closed for summer vacations, the new law will be implemented in the new school year 2018-2019. It is not clear yet, whether students will have the possibility to hand their mobiles out once in school or they will have to leave them at home.

According to the circular (here in pdf in Greek) dated June 22nd 2018, the whole issue has to do with “protection of private data” and internet safety in school.

It remains to be seen how this will implemented in real life, where the mobile phone has become an essential tool of communication between parents and children as well as a tool of control about the children’s whereabouts.

So far, there have been no reactions by school personnel and parents associations.

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  1. Great decision. Will raise the IQ and intellectual level of the students and better their health. Some students will probably freak out. Too bad.