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FM Kotzias has received more than 800 threat messages, “boxes with blood and soil” over Macedonia issue

Foreign Minister, Nikos Kotzias, has said that he received hundreds of threatening messages over the Macedonia name issue. But also bullets and “boxes containing blood and soil.” In an interview with 247 FM, Kotzias said that he has received more than 800 threatening messages and is still receiving threats against his own life and his family.

“I have received more than 800 messages with threats against me and my family,” the Foreign Minister said. “I have received boxes with blood and soil soaked in blood, bullets.”

He wondered, “Where is the prosecutor? We are talking about serious felonies and I do not see anyone reacting. I found the phones, addresses, and names of the people threatening me by phone. Authorities just make recommendations.”

he added that “all this is reminiscent of the period 1963 -1965,” a period of political instability that ultimately led to the military dictatorship of 1967.

“We have a diversion to hate rhetoric that undermines decocracy. Have you seen any public prosecutor being bothered by this?” he wondered.

Referring to the protests against the Macedonia deal, the minister said that many demonstrate against the agreement with FYROM with good intentions. However, Kotzias  condemned some of the slogans heard during the protests, slogans like “Bring us weapons to take Skopje.”

Kotzias said further that the “hate rhetoric” is tolerated and facilitated by the stance of  New Democracy. He urged the main opposition party to condemn such rhetoric.

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  1. Peter Dojcinoski

    Hi Ben, great to see you gave some attention to the Republic of Macedonia. You like many other journalists are claiming that it is a great compromise..however not one journalist is even examining the details of the deal and how it works as ethnocide against the Maco people. A classic case of bullying….big country against a small country…read below..

  2. Observationalist

    It is profoundly astounding how the term “Macedonia” was ever introduced into any Slavic notion. This is not something that by distinguishing them as “Northern” can ever solve when they are not Macedonian at all. These Slavs had no history to the point of trying to steal another’s is laughable or insane. They should not be allowed to use the Greek term ANYWHERE in their name!