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EU Commissioner Hahn speaks of “border restructure between Greece and Albania”

Are Greece and Albania planning to restructure their borders? EU-Commissioner for Enlargement, Johannes Hahn, apparently thinks so. Speaking at a panel of a think tank in on Tuesday, about the need of reaching agreement in the Balkans, Hahn mentioned an absolutely unacceptable term:

“border restructure between Greece and Albania.”

Specifically and while he was speaking about the Prespes Agreement between Greece and FYROM on the Macedonia name issue, Johannes Hahn refereed to a planned agreement between Greece and Albania.

“If there is an agreement between Greece and Albania, because this is about border restructuring, this will be very important and crucial for the citizens.”

VIDEO: EU Enlargement Commissioner J. Hahn

This dangerous statement by the EU Enlargement Commissioner fell like a bombshell in Athens. It triggered such an incredible loud sound that one hour after Greek private Skai TV broadcast Hahn’s statement footage, hardly a news website had reported about this news item.

I don’t know whether Hahn confused terms such as “debt restructuring” and “border restructuring” or -and most likely – made this provocative on purpose.

Fact is that the Greek government has accused him two years ago of “backing Albanian claims such as over the Cham issue.”

We are eager to hear a statement by the Greek Foreign Ministry on the issue and some further ‘explanation’ by J. Hahn.

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  1. Greece has been already “border restructured” by the hundreds of thousands of refugees/immigrants it now hosts. You were among those welcoming the potentially millions of immigrants. If borders are of no importance than why care about border restructuring? Everything is common, like in communism.