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Demolition of first 61 illegal buildings and constructions in Attica

The necessary funds for the demolitions of a total of 61 illegal buildings and constructions in six areas in the Attica Prefecture have been reportedly found.

The illegal constructions are in forest and closed streams areas and along the coastline hindering access to the sea.

The first demolitions are to take place in Attica prefecture and they refer to

27 demolitions in Mandra in an area within closed streams. Mandra in West Attica was hit by flash floods in November 2017, 24 people lost their lives.

21 demolitions of illegal fences and walls that block access to the sea along the coastline of Saronic Gulf, in Anavyssos and Porto Rafti in South-East Attica.

13 demolitions of residences in areas that have been declared as “reforestation areas” redeveloped in Kapandriti, Lavrio and Penteli. Here the owners have reportedly handed over the keys to the authorities.

A total of 200 to 300 demolitions of illegal buildings and constructions are scheduled to take place in due time.

KTG understands that the said demolitions refer to buildings and constructions for which courts have issued final decisions.

Demolitions of illegal buildings and constructions can take up to 12 years until owners have exhausted all legal ways.

In the aftermath of the tragedy in Athens wildfires, the government submitted an amendment to demolish illegal constructions in forests and along the coastline. The amendment was voted in fast track procedures in the Parliament last week.

According to preliminary conclusions by a team of scientists at the Athens University, one of the factors for the tragedy in Mati where at least 91 people lost their lives, was the bad town planning and illegal buildings and constructions that hindered locals and visitors to reach the sea thus increasing their surviving chances on that Monday of 23. July 2018.

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