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Ryanair will no longer allow small hand luggage free of charge

Cheap airline Ryanair will no longer let passengers take a small suitcase on its planes for free. Reason for the new policy is to avoid delays at the airport gates, Ryanair claims. The planned charges of around 6 euros for a 10kg suitcase to be introduced in November.

The airline overhauled its baggage policy as recently as January but said the current scheme, which allows people to hand in their smaller cases for loading in the hold for free at the boarding gate, was still causing delays.

With the new policy, passengers will have to pay £6 if they also want to take a 10kg bag, such as a pull-along suitcase, on board.

They’ll still have to pay up to £10 if they want to check that bag into the hold instead.

The move is not aimed at making money, the airline said , but was intended to “improve punctuality and reduce boarding gate delays”.

Under the new policy only 95 passengers per flight – around half of the total – will be permitted to pay for the right to take the extra bag on board.

Other travellers will have to pay £8 to £10 for their 10kg bag to go into the hold. Larger checked-in luggage will still cost £25 per bag.

Overhead locker space has failed to match demand, with an increasing number of passengers adapting their packing habits to escape baggage charges on budget carriers.

Passengers will still be allowed to carry on one small bag that can fit under a seat in front, free of charge.

A limited number of passengers who book priority boarding – which costs £6 or €6 per flight – will be able to take on a small case as hand luggage.

The airline said most of its customers would be unaffected by the bag policy change, saying that 30% already buy priority boarding and another 30% already travel with only one small carry-on bag.

Ryanair said the change would be revenue neutral, as many people would switch to checking in a cheaper, smaller suitcase, and was aimed purely at reducing delays to flights caused by too much luggage at the boarding gate.

Kenny Jacobs, Ryanair’s chief marketing officer, said: “This new policy will speed up the boarding and cut flight delays. 60% of customers will be unaffected by these changes and we expect that the other 40% will either choose to buy priority boarding or a 10kg check bag, or will choose to travel with only one free small bag.” [bbc, guardian]

Internet users commented on Ryanair policy change like this:

I don’t know but Rynair and other airlines may have to pay higher airport fees depending on the time they hang at the gates.

PS As I hate luggage packing, my dream was always to go somewhere/anywhere with just my small hand bag with credit card, ID, mobile, cigarettes, tooth brush and chewing gums. Rynaiar will make it possible, now.

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  1. Pay for what you get. It is not the overhead lockers that has “failed to meet demand” What did you expect? Did you think they could stretch???? It is the free riders who bring more than their allowance and hope to get it for free.

    Ryanair offers great value for travellers who do not require frills. Appreciate these prices while they last. The days are numbered.