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Byzantine amphora found floating off Heraklio beach, Crete

An ancient amphora was found floating in the sea off the popular beach Arina by Heraklio in North Crete. The amphora estimated to be from the Byzantine period was found by a swimmer who had shot pictures of the sea.

The man was enjoying the sun at the beach and had shot some pictures of the calm sea.

While he was later checking on the pictures on his mobile phone, he saw a floating object. Due to the many drowning incidents on the island “the man believed it was a floating head,” local media neakriti that has the report and the pictures writes.

He conducted the sea sports facility at the beach and saw the man in charge the picture. He also got alerted and got on a surfing board to approach the object.

It was nothing alarming except a floating amphora.

The surfer took it to the beach and informed the Heraklio port authorities.

Port officials went to the beach, took the amphora and contacted the Director of the Archaeological Amphorae of Heraklion.

The amphora was found on Thursday afternoon and has been provisionally stored in a safe place. It will be delivered to the Ephorate of Antiquities on Monday.

Experts estimate that the amphora was most probably on a vessel from the Byzantine period, probably dated between the 12th and the 13th century.

Speaking to neakriti, the chief of Heraklio Port Authority Eythimios Douvis urged tourists who find ancient objects to immediately contact authorities and hand them over. “Otherwise, if we see them with ancient objects, we have to implement the law,” Douvis warned.

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