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Vegan vs Burger: Activists stage protest at Burger Festival in Athens (videos)

A group of young vegan activists staged a protest at the Burger Festival in Athens.

Members of the group Direct Action Everywhere  Athens entered the premises where a Burger Festival was held and protested the consumption of meat.

They raised banners and holding big pictures of animals abused and mistreated for food purposes, chanted slogans against meat consumption.

“It’s not Food, it’s Violence” was their main slogan.

Security guards took the activists out of the festival premises.

They said that violence was use during the procedure.

“Claiming a world that is fair for all, free from violence, exploitation and death, a world in which every animal will live free and happy, Direct Action Everywhere organizes a three-day action in an area where animal consumption is promoted and such products are advertised,” the activists said in a statement.

The “raid” in the Burger Festival took place on Friday.

A second action was staged on Saturday.

The places were they would hold their protests were kept secret among the group members.

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  1. With all the wonderful, healthy food you have in Greece is there anything more ridiculous than having a burger (real junk food) festival? Probably promoted by some malicious multinationals.

  2. I’m all for people having a choice. Being vegetarian or vegan is a choice nobody can stop you making. But the door swings both ways and people who choose to eat meat should be able to do so without being hassled by zealot vegans. When was the last time a bunch of meat eaters protested at a vegan rally? Vegans and vegetarians might want to ask their dentists what their canine and incisor teeth are for. As a species we are omnivorous and your life choices don’t override biology, nor are they more valid than my life choices.