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Crete: Thugs put dog and 9 puppies in furnace, start fire (video)

An animal abuse of unbelievable brutality in Gergeri, Crete: One or several thugs put a dog mom and her nine puppies in a furnace,  placed pine trees needles inside, sealed the entrance with stones and started a fire to have the dog family burned alive.

It was pure luck a passerby took notice of the fire and extinguished it.

Mother and seven puppies survived the brutal attack even though with injuries and respiratory problems.

One puppy had probably died during the fire, another later.

Mom and puppies stayed inside the furnace the whole night.

Animal rescuers were informed the following day.

They found the dog and her live and dead puppies inside the furnace.

Two puppies had died most probably after inhaling the deadly fumes.

Mom and puppies were quickly transferred to a veterinarian clinic near by.

The dog had burning injuries and respiratory problems.

Mom and puppies were placed in a special oxygen chamber after receiving first aid.

Local resident Stelios Xiromerakis tells Crete TV how he was informed by a friend about the incident and rushed to the furnace with food and water. Local journalists engaged also in animal welfare made the case public.

The brutal abuse took place in the village Gergeri in the Prefecture of Herakleio on the island of Crete on Wednesday, Sept 19th 2018.

The furnace is located in the court yard of  the complex of the public high school.

According to Stelios Xiromerakis, the dog had recently found shelter in the old wood-burning furnace and there she gave birth to her nine puppies.

The stray, elderly dog has been living in the village for the last couple of months and it is not the first time she falls victim of abuse.

Last May, somebody attempted to shoot at the dog but hurt a school student instead.

Right at the beginning of the school year on Sept 11th, there have reportedly voices demanding the dog to be removed  form the area with the few animal lovers of the village to try to protect her.

It is considered as certain that locals know the perpetrator but would not name him or her to authorities.

According to local cretalive, The Panhellenic Animal and Environment Protection Society has sent a letter to the chief of  Greek Police responsible for the island of Crete urging him to finally conduct a ‘serious investigation’ on the issue.

“It is high time for a serious investigation to identify the serial perpetrator/s who is/are known to the people in the village,” the Society writes in its letter reminding to Police Chief  that animal abuse is an anteroom for crimes against humans.”

Sure is that the dog and the puppies need a safe environment otherwise their surviving chances in the village with brutal animal abusers are minimal.

If you want to help with foster care and/or adoption of the dog and her puppies, please call mobile: 6936861640 (phone number was published by zoosos)

PS I didn’t know there are so many cowards on Crete, who go against defenseless and helpless creatures. What a shame for the island!

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