Friday , December 14 2018
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Brazen robbery in jewelry shop in downtown Athens caught on video

A robbery in a jewelry shop in one of the most vibrant avenues in downtown Athens takes place in early Friday evening.

The three robbers wear hoods and enter the well-known shop at 7:30 p.m.

An employee screams, a robber holds out to hit her.

Two robbers fill bags they have brought with them with jewels and watches from the showcases, their accomplice keeps the door open.

They have reportedly at least one gun.

At the time of the robbery, inside the jewelry shop are two women: the owner and her daughter.

They flee on two motorcycles before the police arrives.

Several bystanders on the pavement are watching the robbery. One of them takes out the mobile phone and films the incident.

The two motorcycles were found approximately one kilometer away from the scene on the Strefis hill. They were set on fire.

Police investigates.

According to Greek media, the robbery has features of the “pink panthers”, a gang consisting  of nationals from Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro known for jewelry robberies worldwide.

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