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Rockslides in Navagio shipwreck beach after 6.8R Zakynthos earthquake (video)

Aerial footage posted by local media Ionian TV on October 30 shows the damage at the Navagio shipwreck beach after a 6.8R earthquake stroke the island of Zakynthos on Friday, October 26, 2018. Geology Professor and head of Greek Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization, Efthymios Lekkas, said from the first day the earthquake stroke with 6.8R the island of Zakynthos that rock slides had taken place in the famous Navagio shipwreck beach.

“The sea has changed color due to big landslides,” Lekkas said on October 26 adding that the phenomenon of the slides in September continued

The phenomenon that started about a month ago is essentially continuing. The landslides are very big. It is striking that whole slopes have been detached and fell into the sea,” Lekkas said.

The rocks that fell following extensive rockslides have turned the sea color into white., he said.

Lekkas proposes a series of measures for the safety of the locals and the tourists who visit the famous Navagio shipwreck beach.



Among Lekkas’ proposals are specific zones around the shipwreck for visitors.

Another proposal is to forbid swimming. Tourists should get off boats in small groups, visit the Navagio shipwreck beach and  leave the area.

After the massive rockslide at shipwreck beach Navagio in September, authorities banned access to the beach for almost a week and allowed limited access later.

Tourists narrowly escaped death when the massive rocks sheets fell into the sea. Seven people were slightly injured.

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