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Groussaka: Prince Charles invents a royal-style Greek Moussaka

Prince Charles has invented a royal-style Greek Moussaka. A Groussaka! The dish is made with grouse instead of lamb meat.

the Prince revealed his love of “groussaka” on the day he turns 70, on November 14..

The Prince of Wales made the comments in the latest edition of magazine Country Life, which he edited to mark his birthday.

Writing in Country Life, the prince talks about his love of food and the magazine features one of his favourite recipes – pheasant crumble pie.

He says: “I got this recipe from someone I know. It is delicious.

“I invented a grouse one recently, coq au vin with grouse, as well as moussaka with grouse. It doesn’t always have to be lamb – in other words, groussaka!”

Millions of Greeks who use minced meat of beef or pork for their moussaka rose their commoners’ eyebrows. “Moussaka with grouse? Yuc..!”

Others were shocked to read that His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales gets his olive oil shipped form Italy and not from Greece, the country where his father was born.

A British-Greek chaos! A truly grouesome Royal faux pas.

The Prince did not reveal his groussaka recipe but some on social media apparently already tried the new royal invention.

Many Brits criticized the Prince for unsustainable grouse shooting for a ‘bloody’ Groussaka.

Other pointed out that the Prince is out touch with the real world.

PS Instead of Brexit, Brits have now Moussexit…

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