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Greek agencies submit 14 proposals to NASA Moon exploration mission

Fourteen Greek agencies and companies submitted proposals in response to an invitation from the Hellenic Space Agency (ELDO), as part of its submission for participation in NASA’s “Invitation to Exploration Campaign” for a mission to explore the Moon, ELDO announced on Tuesday.

Those responding to the invitation included Greek state agencies, academic institutions, private companies and independent researchers from all over Greece, who submitted high-level proposals that will form the backbone of the Greek participation in the mission.

The 14 proposals submitted concern:

  • the moon cubesats microservice modules
  • the construction of photo-taking algorithms
  • the creation of conditions for cultivating food in space
  • mining applications on the Moon’s surface
  • the design and use of spectroscopic instruments and calibrators for the safety of astronauts and moon settlers
  • general operating mechanisms for deep space communications
  • the specifications for human habitation systems and chemical analysis systems for the soil and Moon environment, which were considered to be extremely interesting and were presented by ELDO to NASA, in the context of their cooperation in this field.

The 14 proposals were submitted by:

The academic institutions:

1. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

2. Agricultural University of Athens

3. Democritus Polytechnic

4. National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

5. National Technical University of Athens

6. Technical University of Crete

7. University of Patras

The research centres:

1. National Observatory of Athens

2. National Demokritos Research Center

Private companies, including:


2. Diopsis

3. Mechatronics



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