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NASA tests robots in submerged Santorini volcano

An international oceanographic seabed survey of the submerged Columbus volcano, a submarine volcano about seven kilometers northeast of Santorini, was launched on Wednesday night at the port of Lavrion and will last until November 27. The survey is funded by NASA. The international mission consists of 30 scientists from the …

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Greek agencies submit 14 proposals to NASA Moon exploration mission

Fourteen Greek agencies and companies submitted proposals in response to an invitation from the Hellenic Space Agency (ELDO), as part of its submission for participation in NASA’s “Invitation to Exploration Campaign” for a mission to explore the Moon, ELDO announced on Tuesday. Those responding to the invitation included Greek state …

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Greek microsatellites UPSat and DUTHSat to be launched into space – Watch Live

Two microsatellites, UPSat and DUTHSat, constructed in Greece will be launched into space on Tuesday, at 18:11 Athens time – along with 26 other similar microsatellites – from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral in Florida, USA. The microsatellites will be transferred onto a rocket-carrier «Atlas V», destined for …

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TRAPPIST-1: NASA Press Release with some amazing videos

At about 40 light-years (235 trillion miles) from Earth, the system of planets is relatively close to us, in the constellation Aquarius. Because they are located outside of our solar system, these planets are scientifically known as exoplanets. This exoplanet system is called TRAPPIST-1, named for The Transiting Planets and …

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Athens by Night as seen from… Space!

This is an amazing  picture of Athens by Night as seen from space! The picture  was taken by Paolo Nespoli, Italian astronaut currently at the International Space Station (ISS). Nespoli took the picture through the glass dome of ISS, the European Space Agency (ESA) announced.                       Athens by Night as seen from …

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