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Greece’s seismologists at war over prediction for “major earthquake 6+R”

A fierce war has broken out among Greek seismologists after one of them told a private television station that an earthquake measuring over 6 R could occur in the next two months.

It was on Tuesday, when the director of the Athens Observatory Geodynamic Institute, Akis Tselentis, told ANT1 that there is a possibility of a tremor measuring more than 6 Richter in the next two months.

At the same time, his VAN earthquake predictions team has issued an report saying it had predicted the 5.2R earthquake off Preveza in the Ionian Sea on Tuesday.

via newsit.gr

Seismologist and Member of Special Scientific Committee for Seismic Risk Assessment, Gerasimos Papadopoulos, raised doubts on Tselentis map, saying that that his prediction covers half of Greece.

“Tselentis map is vague, one cannot take measures for half of the country,” Papadopoulos told news website newsit.

Tselentis’ statement and the VAN-team report became the target of the President of Earthquake Planning & Protection Organization, Efthymios Lekkas.

Speaking to ANT1 on Thursday morning Lekkas described as “criminal irresponsibility” Tselentis’ prediction about the possibility of a major earthquake.

He stressed that “the state is ready to deal with a major earthquake but we do not know when it will occur.”

Lekkas urged citizens to not pay attention to “irresponsible predictions.”

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