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Greek “serial killer” Theofilos Sehidis found dead in prison

The ‘serial killer’ who shocked Greece with the murder of five members of his family in the 1990’s was found dead in the psychiatric ward of Korydalos prison.

The body of the 45-year-old Theofilos Sehidis was found in the showers. According to preliminary media information, the convict most likely died of pathological reasons as he was suffering from heart problems.

It was in August 1996, when Sehidis confessed the murder of his parents, sister, grandmother and an uncle. He had hacked each body and put the pieces in garbage bags. He had reportedly decapitated his victims and kept their brains in the refrigerator.

The Sehidis family

The heinous act took place on the island of Thassos where Sehidis family was living on 19. and 20.  May of the same year.

Between the murders and his arrest, the man was still on the island behaving as nothing had happened. He had participated in police search for his family.

At that time, the murderer was 24 years old and a student at the law school.

He claimed that his family was plotting against him. “They wanted to kill me but I killed them. They were sick,” the murderer told police, media of that time reported. Moreover, media described him as “Frankenstein’s son” and “Cannibal.”

A psychiatric evaluation showed that he was suffering of a schizophrenic disorder.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1997.

In 2016, authorities rejected Sehidis request for early release. A second request was pending.

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