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Horror Job: Divers clean the Sharks tank in Cretan Aquarium (video)

Cleaning inside a water tank where four sharks are swimming around is not a job that everyone would love to do. In the Aquarium in Chania Prefecture on the island of Crete, it is the courageous divers who do the job so that visitors get a good view of the impressive sea animals.

It is always two divers assigned with the wok that can turn dangerous from one moment to the next.

One diver cleans the inside of the glass windows, the other is armed with wooden sticks and stupse away the sharks when they come too close. Then their behavior is unpredictable.

“The animals are wild, not always friendly,” says Thodoris Doulamis, Ichthyologist at the Aquarium.

Sometimes they have to interrupt the cleaning and have divers leave the tank, if the sharks are “too vivid or kind of aggressive.”

“If the sharks comes too close, the diver slightly pokes the shark on the snout and sometimes a little stronger so that the animal goes away,” Doulamis says.

The video was shot by Nikos Sarantos.

PS what sharks do in an aquarium?

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