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Horror Job: Divers clean the Sharks tank in Cretan Aquarium (video)

Cleaning inside a water tank where four sharks are swimming around is not a job that everyone would love to do. In the Aquarium in Chania Prefecture on the island of Crete, it is the courageous divers who do the job so that visitors get a good view of the …

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Haris Alexiou in concert “solidarity with laid-off cleaners”

Wearing red plastic gloves – the trade mark of cleaning ladies – Charis Alexiou went on stage on Monday evening on Syntagma Square right opposite from the Greek Parliament. The famous singer had agreed to give concert in solidarity with the 595 cleaners who had been laid-off by the Greek …

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Caught red-handed: Riot Policeman hits protesting Cleaner on the head (video)

The leadership of Greek police ordered an internal investigation against a riot policeman who hit a protesting cleaner on the head. Caught red-handed on a video, the footage shows an arm to be raised behind a shield and to hit cleaner Fotini Nikitara on the head. For no reason. At …

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Athens: protesting cleaners “occupy” the Finance Ministry

Fifteen cleaners entered the building of Finance Ministry at 7 o’clock in the morning, put a chain on the door and locked themselves in. The cleaners decided to symbolically “occupy” the ministry, after officials said to appeal the court decision to hire them anew. On May 16th, the First Instance …

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Court rules “mobility scheme” unconstitutional; FinMin has to hire anew 397 fired cleaners

First Instance Court in Athens ruled that the Finance Ministry has to hire anew the 397 cleaners it had laid-off several months ago. According to the court, the finance ministry decision to sent home 397 cleaners in the context of ‘mobility scheme’ was illegal and unconstitutional as it occurred without …

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Riot police against women cleaners protesting outside Finance Ministry

For one more day, a group of laid-off cleaning ladies had gathered outside Greek Finance Ministry to protest the loss of work place and income. A delegation even managed to meet with the general secretary of the ministry and submit their request  and thus in times of austerity and recession. …

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