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Authorities seek German partner of murdered Greek real estate agent

Greek authorities are seeking the German partner of a Greek real estate agent whose body was found on Thursday in the apartment the couple was renting in Chalandri suburb of northern Athens.

It was the penetrating bad smell coming from the apartment that had the owner to call the police.

The body of the 64-year-old Greek was lying on the floor, tied up and carefully wrapped with blankets and bed sheets, from head to toe. It was in advanced sepsis and police could not recognize at first sight whether it belonged to a man or a woman.

According to initial information based on the first autopsy, the body carries a head trauma, and it is estimated that the death occurred a month ago.

The man had rented the apartment in the last months of 2018 together with his German partner, estimated of more or less at the same age. There has been no sign of the woman for quite some time, neighbors told police and media. The woman seems to have disappeared, authorities are seeking for her.

Colleagues of the man as well as his former wife were looking for him.

The men of Attica’s Homicide Homicide Department found that there were no signs of a violation in the apartment, nor do they have clues or evidence pointing to a robbery.

A thorough autopsy is to be conducted to determine the causes of the man’s death.

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