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SYRIZA, GEFYRA call on “progressive powers front against far-right”

Left-wing SYRIZA is calling on progressive powers of the center left to unite against the extreme right. At the same time, a newly established movement called GEFYRA (Bridge) is calling mainly on KINAL (PASOK) to join the front of progressive powers.

Aim of the call is to form a wide front ahead of the European Parliament elections in May in order to obstruct the rise of the far right.

“The invitation is sincere and is addressed to everyone that defines himself or herself as belonging to the progressive side, and who recognize as a great challenge of this era the interception of the rise of the extreme right on European level, and the confrontation of neo-liberal choices and policies,” Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras after a meeting of the central committee of Syriza.

In the same wave length, GEFYRA notes in its call that “the stubborn insistence on liberalism produces extreme inequalities, unemployment, insecurity and erosion of the social state, which gives space to far-right demagoguery.”

GEFYRA, a so-called citizens’ movement, is supported by Thessaloniki Mayor Yannis Boutaris, MP Spyros Danellis (former KINAL) and Nikos Bistis (ex Pasok MP), academics, members of local governments and journalists.

The calls address mainly KINAL and To Potami.

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