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“Today workers smile really!” Anarchists stage protest at supermarket branch

Anarchists staged a protest in a MyMarket branch in Thessaloniki on Wednesday,  a day after a company memo told employees that they have to smile because not only they have a job but they also get paid.

Members of the collective “Freedom Initiative of Thessaloniki” entered the supermarket, threw leaflets and chanted slogans.

“it is the minimum solidarity with workers,” they said.

“Following the new challenges of Mymarket’s employers, we decided to take part in the branch at M. Botsari Street in Thessaloniki, as a minimum of solidarity move towards the workers. Today the workers smiled. But it was not the fake smile that their employers forced them to have. They were smiles of social class pride and solidarity. No worker is alone against the impunity of the bosses,” they said in a statement according to local media seleo.

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  1. This “workers must smile” policy was probably the idea of some useless, disgusting financial manager. He should be fired with no compensation and his salary should be divided between the workers. Human resources and not slaves or numbers on a spread sheet.

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