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Olympiakos hooligans brutally beat and stab young woman, a PAO fan (video)

A group of men are seen to brutally beat a woman. They throw her on the ground. three of them hold her hands and two beat her. One of the perpetrators stabs her in the leg. The attackers grab her bag containing a small amount of money and flee.

The 22-year-old injured woman turns to police that treats the incident as a robbery. The attack took place when the woman who works in a restaurant was bringing a delivery order to a certain address in Ilion, West Athens, on February 18, 2019.

According to media, the attackers had set up an order, pretending they were customers.

Beginning of March it is revealed that the attack was not a robbery but Olympiakos hooligans attacking a Panathinaikos fan.

One of the perpetrators had filmed the attacked and posted on internet. The video was obviously uploaded so that the attackers rant about their “success” and went viral. An internet war among rival groups broke out, the attackers deleted the video but it was too late. The footage was stored. It was again uploaded  by website newsbomb and spread through the internet and the Greek media.

It turned out that the victim is an organized fan of Panathinaikos.

The Police Department in charge of Hooliganism is investigating in order to identify the attackers.

Clashes between Olympiakos and Panathinaikos hooligans have reportedly increased in last few weeks.

According to media reports, police has raided fan clubs of the two rival football teams in several suburbs in Athens Thursday evening.

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  1. I can not express my shock and outrage at this brutal and cowardly attack. Three men attacking a lone girl over football of all things. I hope they catch them and punish them severely. Outrageous behaviour!

    • She was no saint is all im saying.. u get in this life and this is the result for Male or Female and no it’s not over football. Its gang related violence… big difference

      • Are these the Men of Greece today – Fucking pathetic faggot losers ! Fuck Olypiamos they are shit anyway! …..I an Greek Australian and its said to see how far in the toilet Greece is in