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EU Commission warns Greece over waste management on Corfu

The European Commission has sent a stern warning to Greece claiming it is violating European Union environmental laws with regard to waste management on the Ionian island of Corfu.

“The Commission is calling on Greece to ensure that EU waste legislation is implemented on the ground in Corfu Island,” the EC said, adding that it started receiving complaints in July 2018 that waste is no longer being collected or treated on the island, and that it is being left on the streets or sent to undisclosed locations.

Greece’s Alternate Environment Minister Sokratis Famellos told Kathimerini that a series of actions are being undertaken to deal with the problem.

These actions include the drafting of study for a new landfill in the northern part of the island and the construction of a waste management unit.

The Commission’s warning came amid vehement protests by residents opposed to the operation of a landfill at Lefkimmi in southern Corfu.

Last month scuffles broke out between Lefkimmi residents and police, while the landfill has also been vandalized.

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One comment

  1. What a waist! It’s such a beautiful island but searching on the web, if the trash problem is already solved we see this article…in Oktober 2018 we were there and the situations was shocking, trash everywhere!
    Not only in but also at the bounders of the villages, meters high full trash-bags.
    Also during long hiking days in nature, trash everywhere in bushes en on the hiking-roads. Plastic water bottles, overwhelming numbers of plastic bullets. Why?!
    For us it was too overwhelming, this year we won’t go to Corfu.