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MyMarket fires regional manager who ‘forced’ employees to smile

The management of Greek supermarket chain My Market has fired the Regional Manager who ‘forced’ company employees to smile on the grounds that they “had a job” and “get paid” too.

The decision to fire the director was met with plenty ironic comments on Greek social media.

“Look who’s smiling now,” one Greek wrote and another noted “No work, no smiles?”

The memo written by the meanwhile fired director triggered an outrage not only among the employees but also in Greek society when it was published on internet by workers of the supermarket.

Many Greeks called on boycotting the supermarket.

The bold and arrogant memo noted that “smiles” were “obligatory” and listed the reasons the My Market employees ought to smile.

“I note some reasons for smiling for those who have difficulties to do so,” the manager whose name has not been revealed notes in the beginning of the memo.

Because …

  • you have a job
  • you are paid in time (for those complaining about the €300, I say: compared to zero 300 is 300% more)
  • you work for a company that respects and listens to your problems
  • the company has invested money so that you keep having a job
  • you are paid for it [the job]
  • supermarket customers pay you, you have to thank them for that with a smile
  • the company has so good offers that we have to advertise

The Management of MyMarket probably thought better a non-smiling director than a boycott and fired the woman. Who wants a negative publicity?

PS Confirmed! Karma is a bitch.

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  1. They may have fired her for her lack of math skills; 300% of zero is still zero; 300 is 300% of 100.Having said that paying 300 euros for a full time job is still diabolical. I may boycott them for that alone.

  2. Her background was most likely economics and finance. I hope it wasn’t marketing after this total blunder. May she be boycotted by every market from now on. Arrogance breeds contempt, which breeds foolishness and incompetence. Now the only thing missing is to give the employees a raise based on the money saved by firing her.

  3. 300 euros for a full time job. They should be sued for not paying minimum wage!