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Trump like Portokalos: “They all want to be Greek!” and some Great gaffe (video)

What if the slogan on the red hat wrote in Greek Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”… US President Donald Trump was convinced that Greek-Americans want to “Make Greece Great Again” and so he said proudly:

“Wow. That’s a nice crowd of people. So we were just given this great hat. You know what that says? Huh? “Make Greece Great Again.” Right? (Applause.) Right?”

Nobody dared to contradict the President or even whisper in his ear what country should be made great again. Never mind. Trump was self-content and the audience pleased.

It was not the first -and probably not the last – gaffe of Donald Trump as the White House hosted the celebration to honor the launch of Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire in 1821, which Trump called a “foreign empire.”

Apparently also a fan of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the US President quoted Gus Portokalos saying at some point that everybody wants “to be a Greek!”

“Today, we commemorate the Greeks’ long struggle to regain their independence from a foreign empire. (Applause.) On March 25th, 1821 — it’s true. (Applause.) Yeah, we have an honorary Greek in the room: Mr. Howard Lorber. I call him an honorary Greek. (Applause.) And Harry LeFrak is here someplace, who’s my guy. Hi, Harry. We have a lot of great honorary — they all want to be Greek, you know? (Laughter.) They all want to be Greek.”

Trump hailed the Greek freedom fighters as well as the Greek-Americans for their contribution to the country.

“On March 25th, 1821, Greek patriots rose up and fought to liberate their country, restore their sovereignty, and reclaim their destiny. Right?

This evening, we also celebrate the countless ways Greek Americans strengthen and uplift and inspire our nation. You live by the values that are the foundation of America’s greatness. You really do. You honor hard work. You love your families. You enrich your culture. And you embrace the American Dream and you keep faith in the blessings of Almighty God. And that’s great. (Applause.)”

He hailed Ancient Greek philosophers and poets and how the Ancient Greek civilationa shaped the Western world, including the US.

The United States — and all of Western civilization — has been profoundly shaped by the extraordinary achievements of the Greek people, stretching all the way back to ancient times. Long time. It’s a great culture.

Greek poets and philosophers like Homer and Aristotle have helped humanity pursue truth, and virtue, and justice. Ancient Greece achieved extraordinary feats of architecture, geometry, map-making, and so much else that has inspired all wonders of the world. And Greece is the birthplace of democracy. Have you heard that? (Applause.) Have you heard that?

As a famous Greek historian wrote, “Happiness depends on being free, and freedom depends on being courageous.” And you are courageous.

In every generation, Greek Americans have summoned the courage to defend our freedom. Today, we are honored to be in the presence of Greek Americans who have served in the American Armed Forces — many, many great Greek Americans — (applause).

Americans of Greek descent have made lasting contributions to every arena of American life — in business, science, education, music, religion, and sports. You know, they didn’t say “sports.” I added sports. (Laughter.) I know a lot of great athletes. It’s true. I added that one. They didn’t have that on. That’s not good. (Laughter.) Going to have to fire that writer. Get out of here. You’re fired. (Laughter.) They’ve done a great job in sports.”

Addressing the audience, Trump said “You’ve brought jobs and promise to cities and towns across America. And you’ve deepened the bonds of affection and renewed the pride of patriotism that unites us as one people, one family, and one glorious nation under God.

I want to thank you. God bless you. And again, I want to wish all of you a joyous Greek Independence Day.  Thank you.
Thank you for being at the White House. Thank you all for being at the White House.

The audience cheered “USA! USA! USA!” and some member shouted “Four more years!” when the US President spoke of how great he made the economy in his country.

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