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Blackout on Crete: Power gradually restored after explosion in PPC plant

A power-outage paralyzed the island of Crete following an explosion at the power plant of the Public Power Corporation in Linoperamata by Heraklio on Friday. The blackout caused major  problems in traffic, airports, hospitals and army facilities, while dozens of citizens were trapped in elevators.  “The power has been restored by 80%” says the power Transmission Operator  ADMIE three hours later.

It was 12:08 noon when a powerful explosion on a transformer in the sub-station of Linoperamata entrained the whole network, set the safety switches out of operation and caused a blackout across the biggest islands in the country.

The explosion completely destroyed the transformer, and caused damage to the offices just across the street. Nobody was injured as all workers were at lunch break.

Fire brigades were deployed to the PPC plant and took the fire under control.

The power outage caused traffic jams as the traffic light fell out.

The Fire Service received dozens of calls to help people trapped in elevators.

An hour after the explosion, two power production units gradually re-started their operation, on eiin Xylokamara by Chania and one in Atherinolakos.

At 3:00 p.m. state broadcaster ERT reported that the power has been restored across the island by 80%, while in the remaining 20% the restore will take place in the next hours.

Local media point out that the black out highlighted the energy problem the island of Crete is facing and the necessity to solve this problem.

The power outage took place off the touristic season and the summer where the demand for electricity is much higher than in March.

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  1. The power came back in Agios Nikolaos at 2:25pm and given what looked like a pretty serious problem I think the power company workers have done extremely well to restore power as quickly as they have. When we heard what the cause was we all expected to be off until tomorrow….