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12 Neo-Nazis arrested for attacking police during National Day parade

Police has arrested 12 far-rightists, among them 4 minors, for attacking police in Kallithea suburb of south Athens during the parade of 25. March. Among the arrestees is reportedly a 24-year-old man who was arrested a week earlier for a racist attack again a foreigner in Salamina, West Attica.

Charges against them were pressed for hurling molotov cocktail bombs, attack against police forces, causing injuries, disturbing public order and others.

The incidents took place before the start of the school parade.

According to local media, members of leftist and anti-racists groups LAE, ANTARSYA, KEERFA and communist KKE tried to hinder members of Golden Dawn to stage a protest and lay a wreath. Police intervened, attacked the leftist groups and was itself attacked by the far-rightists.

Members of leftist party LAE denounced that police attacked also their group with flash grenades, tear gas and clubs and that two protesters were were injured on the head.

According to LAE, police attacked them when they tried to hinder a group of 15-20 members of far-right Golden Dawn from opening a banner and staging a protest.

Local media kallitheaonline notes that five protesters were injured with three of them to have been transferred to hospitals with ambulances, while two went to hospitals on their own means.

Communist party KKE posted a picture from the far-right group showing a man dressed in black with a nazi salute. Behind the man is a Golden Dawn candidate for the municipality elections

In a statement KKE sharply criticized police for tolerating Nazi behaviors and allowing the “fascists to swear” at the crowd of people.

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