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Scientists divided on the origin of mysterious crater in Viotia (video)

A mysterious crater is located on a slope of Parnassos Mountain. With a diameter of 200 meters, it impresses and awes the few visitors who have seen it.

Seen from above it looks mysterious like an extraterrestrial spectacle.

The crater is located near the village Vasiliki and it dominates the area, remotes and inaccessible, as there is no road leading to it.

It has a depth of estimated 40 meters.

Scientists are divided about its origin.

Some claim that is is the product of the collapse of the roof of a cave under the earth. Should this assumption be true the cave underneath must be really of enorm dimensions.(

Others claim, that the crater was created by a meteor.

“The absolute silence that prevails inside the crater is broken only by the birds’ chirps that find shelter in the vegetation of the crater,” noted haanity who also posted the video on YouTube.

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