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Scientists divided on the origin of mysterious crater in Viotia (video)

A mysterious crater is located on a slope of Parnassos Mountain. With a diameter of 200 meters, it impresses and awes the few visitors who have seen it. Seen from above it looks mysterious like an extraterrestrial spectacle. The crater is located near the village Vasiliki and it dominates the …

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Unbelievable! Thugs dye 3-month-old puppy ….red!

A stray puppy had to experienced how mean the humans can be. Unknown perpetrators dyed the 3-month-old puppy …red most probably just for the purpose of mean human fun. Some animal lovers from Schimatari area, in Viotia, found the puppy and took it to the vet. An examination showed that …

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Greek authorities on alert after 45 out of 60 students get sick in regional high school

Greek health authorities are on alert after 45 out of 60 students in a regional high school went sick on Monday. The director of the high school in Akraifnio, in the Viotia Prefecture, north of Attica, decided to close the school Closed the Akrafnaio school by Orhomenos. According to preliminary …

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Hundreds of Athenians Queue For Free Vegetables

Not one, not two, but twenty tons of potatoes, onions, carrots and spinach were unloaded at Syntagma Square in the early morning hours of Wednesday to be distributed to people for free. Farmers from Viotia wanted to protest the defamation of their products and restore their reputation. They brought their vegetables …

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